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Christmas Puddings are packaged in a airtight platic tub and boxed. Great for dropping a drop or two of brandy and letting it marinate til ready. Served warm or cold with custard / cream / icecream. Yummo!! 

Lions Christmas Pudding 900gm

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  • Product Information - Christmas Pudding


    A Lions Christmas Pudding contains the following ingredients:

     -Shortening, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Golden Syrup, Glucose, Butter, Water, Salt, Flour, Eggs, Rum, Brandy, Sultanas, Peel, Currants, Raisins, Starch, Potassium, Spice, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Ginger.

    The Pudding is mixed in the conventional style by first creaming up the shortening and sugar and then adding the Egg and mixing until the required density is reached. The Flour and other dry ingredients are then added and thoroughly mixed in, before adding the Fruit. The mixing is then finished and must comply with a required density, so that the products can be kept to an even standard. The mixing takes approximately 20 minutes.

    The Puddings are then deposited into Pudding Bowls and baked @ 160c for (2) hours 10 minutes. They are cooled in the Block Line cooling unit for 2hrs and then de-panned automatically to travel to the spiral coolers for a period of 4 hours. They are then boxed and placed into cartons ready for despatch.

    Oven capacity:

    Based on 900g = Wrapping & Packing. 900g unit = 2000 units per hour.

    Density or Specific Gravity:

    This is the weight of mixing in a container of specific size 456 g Density weight. The weight varies by the amount of air beaten into the mixture.

    Quality Control

    Quality Control on Lions Pudding commences from the time the ingredients are received into store with minor ingredients weighed up into mixing sizes, and a Senior Supervisor doing spot checks in the various weighed up ingredients chosen at random. With the installation of the batching system, Flour, Sugar, Shortening and Eggs are automatically weighed into the mixer. The ingredients are then taken to the cake mixers, where the mixings are made and densities taken for Quality Control purposes at three (3) stages of the mixing :- During the packing phase, all product goes through a metal detected and X-ray machine and validated every 30 minutes with ops signing off with tests they do on these critical control points.

    1. After the Shortening and Sugar are creamed up.

    2. After the Eggs have been added in

    3. After the Fruit has been mixed in.

    These checks are necessary to ensure that all mixings are of the same standard. Any changes in the densities are immediately reported to the Production Manager to be rectified, or if this is not possible, the mixing is discarded.

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